Each time slot is 20 minutes long, consists of presentation and QA session. Use the time slot wisely. Make sure that you have enough time to present your work and also discussing it with the interested peers in within the room. As a suggestion, you may divide it to 15 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes for QA session. Based on experience, each slide — on the average — needs 1 minute to be presented, although the actual time spent could be different, depending the contents of each slide.

In each room, there will be a session chair and a timekeeper. The timekeeper holds a stopwatch and a bell. The timekeeper will ring the bell several times as reminders. The time signal would be:

  1. Once, after 5 minutes
  2. Twice, after 10 minutes
  3. Thrice, after 15 minutes
  4. 7 (seven) times, after 20 minutes. This time signal marks that your time slot has ended.

The conference schedule could also be downloaded from http://bit.ly/iconsep2019schedule. If you have special needs regarding your presentation, please inform us immediately.

See you next week!